Gustavson Illustration Improbable Story

The illustration of me used to accompany my bio in
A Very Improbable Story,
illustrated by Adam Gustavson


Writing Classes

I teach a variety of classes, both workshops and one-time consultations. Contact me for more information. Here is a quick summary of two of the classes:

Picture Books - A Writer's Class

Most writers believe that they need to find an illustrator or be an artist themselves in order to write picture books. This is not true. Publishers prefer that you simply submit the text, unless your illustrating is of the very highest quality. They don't want you to find the illustrator, they find the illustrator for you.

The actual writing of the book is a very specific form and almost like poetry--the art of saying very much in a very few words.

I will work with you on making a submission that might be interesting. I can either look at an existing manuscript or we can do a four week workshop together. If you from out of town, I prefer telephone interaction to email--more personal, if it can be arranged. If in town, we will meet together.

It is $100 for a consultation, or $250 for the 4-week course.

Introduction to Playwriting

I am an experience playwright who has had numerous plays produced in New York (Off- and Off-Off-Broadway) and around the country. For those interested in being involved in the business, I can both comment on a work in progress and give suggestions about possible paths to production. I also do a four week class that helps you develop a work from scratch.

It is $100 for a consultation, or $250 for the 4-week course.