Festival fo Jewish Theater and Ideas

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As Artistic Director of Untitled Theater Company #61, I am currently curating the Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas (May 23 - June 14)

I have curated a number of previous festivals, including the Václav Havel Festival, featuring the complete works of Václav Havel; the NEUROfest, a festival of plays about neurological conditions; the 24-7 Festival, a week's worth of short plays written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours; and the Ionesco Festival, featuring the complete works of Eugène Ionesco.

"Dizzying ambition is what animates every aspect of this sprawling [Ionesco] festival, which generously provides New Yorkers in the grip of a dark time an opportunity to encounter an unfailingly inventive playwright's response to his own traumatic age."
The Village Voice, September 20, 2001

Vaclave Havel - Edward Einhorn

Václav Havel and me at Joe's Pub, during the final event of the Havel Festival (2006)
photo by William Niederkorn